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New brunch restaurant, BaKon Southern Eatery, opens in Chapin

BaKon Southern Eatery offers a new breakfast option for locals and visitors.

CHAPIN, S.C. — The Town of Chapin has its very first locally-owned brunch spot as of this week.

It's called BaKon Southern Eatery, and it's on Columbia Avenue. They, of course, offer bacon in almost everything they serve.

"There's been a lot of thank-yous, that they've been looking for a location like this for a while, said Danny Bokianc, Vice President of Operations. "This really fits a niche that the Chapin community really seems to be looking for, and we're happy to provide that for them,"

The management company tells News 19 it's an extension of their restaurant next door, Chophouse of Chapin.

"The whole concept came along where we decided to be able to have everyone enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the same location," Bokianc said.

It's been busier every day, with double their foot traffic Thursday at 150 visitors. Staff shared that they're anticipating a very busy weekend.

"It was just the best, some of the best we've ever had," Karen Gedroic, a new Chapin resident, said. "Not your typical run-of-the-mill menu and everyone here has been very gracious and very good at their jobs."

To look at their menu and store hours, click here.

Article originally published by Rachel Ripp of News19 on May 19, 2022



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