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More Businesses Coming to Chapin

Happy Fork's CEO Ron Pereira says a new spa and gym are set to open in July.

CHAPIN, S.C. — Construction in the Chapin Commons complex along Columbia Avenue has been on pause for several months now and locals are curious when things will start up again.

Thankfully, that answer is soon.

Happy Forks Restaurants CEO Ron Pereira explains a new med spa is planning to move in next to the breakfast restaurant Bakon in about three months.

A new gym is taking the place of Muv Fitness with expectations to be open in July.

Southern Smoked Tavern, a new restaurant is hopefully opening before the end of this year.

"Chapin is a very up and coming area. Obviously lots of construction with the road widening, lots of new houses coming this way. I know there's a lot of houses being built behind us. The town itself has been extremely supportive," Pereira said.

Pereira says a new drive through restaurant called Modern Fresco is moving into Chapin Commons too.

He adds that he has letters of intent to move in from a frozen yogurt place, nail salon, axe throwing place and cigar shop.

Pereira explains that it was important in this process to listen to what types of businesses locals wanted.

"Every brand that the restaurant has developed has been based on the insights of the town, the chamber of commerce. We're heavily involved there. So we put out some feelers and we get the feedback of the community first and foremost," Pereira said.

According to him, weather, labor shortages and steel and lumber nearly tripling in price halted work.

"It didn't make sense to keep pushing forward with the costs that were in the past year, so they finally settled out and now we can keep pushing forward and where it's affordable to the tenants. Last thing we want to do is bring a business in here and then they can't afford the rent," Pereira said.

"The schools are great, the people are great, Chapin's a great place to raise your family, raise your kids and I think that's going to help add jobs, more attraction to Chapin and we always need more restaurants here," Sidney James a Chapin resident said.

Pereira says he's hoping to have all tenants within their businesses by spring of 2024.

Article originally published by Rachel Ripp of News19 on April 18, 2023.



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